Winter Roses KAL | Week 2

Updated: 7 days ago

Getting Gauge Q&A and Colorwork Yoke

MC #002 "Black", CC2 #032 "First Press Olive", CC1 #097 "Camel"

Welcome to the second week of the Winter Roses KAL, congrats on getting here! If you haven't started yet, it's not too late to join! This sweater is such a quick project, I've been able to knit nearly the entire yoke in three lazy evenings on the couch. Take a peek at the Winter Roses | Week 1 post for more info on the yarn and how to get started.

Picking colors is one of the funnest parts, I think, of starting a new project. And casting on is like the icing on top of the cake of that final decision, especially with a yarn that sparks so much joy. Working with Simplinatural by HiKoo® is such a pleasure, I simply couldn’t resist not casting on a third sweater! For this edition, I’m going to make a Crewneck/Full-Length fit in Size 1 in a rich black, a deep olive green, and a natural ecru.

Getting Gauge

A gauge ruler from SunriseGrove on Etsy over the Winter Roses fabric.

There are so many factors that can affect gauge, and a designer wants nothing more than for you to have the perfect finished object from their pattern. I’ve gotten a few questions about gauge so far, and I’d like to share some general Q&A that can hopefully help you troubleshoot similar situations throughout your knitting journey.

PS, The gauge ruler above is from SunriseGrove on Etsy, check them out!

Q. I can’t get gauge with the recommended needle, what do I do?

A. The suggested needle size in the pattern is the needle the designer used with the recommended yarn to get the desired gauge and fabric for the pattern. Since every knitter is different—whether it’s your style of knitting, tension, type of needles, or yarn substitutions you use—you'll want to adjust your needle size until you are able to meet gauge, even if it's exceedingly different from the size recommended.

Q. The gauge in the pattern doesn’t match the ball band on the recommended yarn, why is that?