A little bit about me.


My name is Hannah, I taught myself to knit in 2013 while getting my BA in Psychology at Antioch University. Inspiration to learn a new craft sparked after I began working at skacel, a yarn and needles wholesale distributor, from there it swiftly blossomed from hobby to passion! I haven’t been able to put the yarn down ever since, and Dear Ingénue® became my letter to the world; a message to myself and other quiet, naïve spirits.

I now head the Public Relations Department at skacel, and can be found in the PNW with my partner, cat, and chickens. When I’m not knitting I enjoy hiking, gardening, and spending time at home.


What does the name mean?

in·gé·nue /anjəˈno͞o,ˈänjəˌno͞o/ An innocent or unsophisticated young woman, especially in a play or film.

As an extremely shy and uncertain youth, I struggled with finding confidence and had very low self-esteem. The more I fell in love with fiber art as an adult, the more self-assured I became in my craft, and the more value I found in myself through my ability to make. The brand was born as a way to honor that small, apprehensive side to me (and I’m certain many others) who may be feeling, or have felt, the same way.


I hope through these patterns you are able to gain some new skills, badass FOs (finished objects), and

above all – confidence in you.